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Sticker Characters Bundles / Colour Bundles

Our new collective of characters represent different qualities that we stand for; we call them ​​shapes with no restriction.​​ It’s with these shapes that you can forge your own path, do what you like, create what you want and enjoy what you love – don’t be restricted by others.

Shape packs contain 16pcs / Colour packs contain 17pcs

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$11.50 $5.75

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Heart​​ – Passion
Loving cars is what we do. It’s our thing. Sometimes it’s not easy, but all of the best relationships have their ups and downs. The heart is all about showing love and commitment to your automotive passion.

​​Square​​ – Strength
The square symbolises power, skill and quality. The adrenaline kick that only raw torque and horsepower can give us, the grin on our face when we nail the perfect corner entry, the sense of satisfaction we get from the perfect seam-weld. Only those with a strong bond with machine can understand.

​​Circle​​ – Unity
Without other people to share it with, our love for cars wouldn’t be the same. Circle is about coming together as a community and enjoying our collective passion as one. Working on cars with mates, racing each other and discovering new cars with friends.

​​Shield​​ – Tolerance
The shield represents open mindedness and standing up for your own beliefs. It’s about acceptance, respect and not caring what people think. Rise above negative influences and don’t let others define you.